amongst books

amongst books

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Canada’s sexiest male poets, publishers, editors, renaissance men

in alphabetical order and look how many of them are in Ottawa!

Joe Blades

Stephen Brockwell

Steven Heighton

Nicholas Lea

Jay MillAr

rob mclennan

David O’Meara

Robert Priest


Rob Read

I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch. Do add your own to the list via comments. What makes these men sexy is not only physical beauty (although that helps) but also what they do, and how much they contribute to the world of letters (meaning literary, not French).


Anonymous said...

nathaniel g. moore

Anonymous said...

for the older crowd - let's add:
george bowering
william hawkins

Anonymous said...

Hi amanda,

read a blog of yours on vox and was then too dumb to be able to join. Kept telling me I had not filled in all details. I am also a writer and work in the area of musical theatre. I write the Book. I ran across you in some research into "What is Melodrama" You sounded interesting and I thought I'd dash of a note. If you'd like to correspond my email address is My name is Allen wilde and I'm 55 not that that matters.