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amongst books

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Monty Reid and Stephanie Bolster

Another great reading at the Factory Reading Series, Ottawa Art Gallery. Stephanie Bolster, three weeks away from giving birth, read last from Biodome, her above/ground press chapbook and from a collection she's working on on zoos, some of which was in Ottawater 2.0. Monty Reid read several new poems from upcoming collections by Brick Books and Chaudière Books. He was both funny and sad at times. Sometime he was creepy, reading poems about bacteria and worms under the skin. Those were very effective and memorable poems and will give me trouble sleeping tonight. Of particular note were poems called The Luskville Reductions, very compelling. Luskville, where the caves are. Monty Reid goes heart spelunkering. One poem about a lemon left in the fridge when a couple leaves their home and separates seemed perfect to me, lingers on still:

A fine blue mold
with delicate struts
and fires
has appeared
on the partially-squeezed
lemon you left in the fridge.
To survive
it doesn’t need much
but it will never
be satisfied with survival.
It wants everything.
Everything in the fridge
and then some.
Ottawater 01 January, 2005

Oh and uh...I definitely have a new addition to my list of Canada's sexiest male poets. The man's voice alone...sends shivers down the spine (and not in that creepy bacteria way he was talking about).


Anonymous said...

Thx for the kind words Amanda. Glad to be on the list - need all the help I can get.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard Monty sing yet?

Amanda Earl said...

No. Haven't.