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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Upcoming Poetry Publications In Canada (Don't Ask the Ottawa Citizen)

In the Ottawa Citizen’s Arts and Books section on Sunday, July 30, 2006, there was a guide to upcoming fall book releases. The usual plethora of mysteries and military tell-alls abounded, but there was no mention of poetry. I’m not surprised, because the Citizen rarely gives poetry much coverage,despite the fact that there’s evidence of an increased market for poetry books. (Take a look at the shelves of the downtown Chapters, you’ll find a whole wall of Canadian poetry. Nicholas Hoare Books sells lots of poetry at the Ottawa International Writers Festival. Take a look at the numbers on the’s webcounter where visits are anywhere from 500 to 700 distinct urls (not hits) weekly with over 53,000 visitors since we launched the site in January, 2003. That’s a lot of poetry readers.)

Here, as a service to those who actually read poetry(because apparently the Citizen's readers don't), is a peek at what’s coming your way this summer and fall. Note that there are both first time poetry book authors and those who’ve had numerous books published. The list includes publishers from all across Canada and writers from all over the country, including a few current and former Ottawa residents.

(I'm not linking to all of these, because it's hot and I'm lazy. Copy and paste in your google search for more info, svp.)

Brokenjaw Press (New Brunswick)
"aubade" by rob mclennan (Ottawa, ON)
"Dark Seasons: A Selection of Georg Trakl poems" translated by one of the Malahat Review's founders Robin Skelton (Victoria, BC)
Funambule / Tightrope a bilingual collection of poetry by Canada's parliamentary poet Pauline Michel, translated by Nigel Spencer (Montreal, Quebec)

Gaspereau Press (Nova Scotia)

“Two Or Three Guitars: Selected Poems” by John Terpstra (Hamilton, Ontario)
“Types of Canadian Women” by K.I. Press (Winnipeg, MB)

VĂ©hicule Press (Quebec)

“How We All Swiftly: The First Six Books” by Don Coles (Toronto, ON)

Black Moss Press (Windsor, ON)

“Night Echoes” by Ronnie R. Brown (Ottawa, ON)

Brick Books (Toronto, ON

I Nadja, and Other Poems by Susan Elmslie (Montreal, QC)

ECW Press (Toronto, ON)

The Invisible World Is In Decline by Bruce Whiteman (California, USA)

The Mercury Press (Toronto, ON)

“Avatar” by Sharon Harris (Toronto, ON)

Nightwood Editions (Madeira Park, BC)

Hitch by Matthew Holmes (Sackville, NB)

Talonbooks (Vancouver, BC)

“Vermeer’s Light: Poems 1996–2006” by Canada’s first parliamentary poet laureat George Bowering (Vancouver, BC)

Thanks to rob mclennan for the Brick Books and Nightwood Editions upcoming release information.

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