amongst books

amongst books

Friday, October 20, 2006

Come to the Fair!

Ottawa Small Press Book Fair
Saturday, October 21, 2006 Noon-Five pm.
Jack Purcell Centre

Bywords has a table (all of the contents of our online store and our newest edition of the Bywords Quarterly Journal, Melissa Upfold's chapbook Welcome to Beautiful San Ria and her amazing magazine, Variations will be for sale).

I love this fair. It's an opportunity to find out what's going on in the small press world and to chat with fellow publishers from not just Ottawa but also Toronto, Montreal, Niagara Falls, New Brunswick, Edmonton (you never know who will be there).

Last spring I picked up one of my favourite books this year, A Painter's Journey by Barbara Caruso and a host of other great books from Toronto's Mercury Press.

You can find tiny hand made chapbooks, tradebooks, comic books, broadsheets, audiobooks, and sometimes even cookies and other free stuff. It's a great experience and it's free admission to the public. If you've never gone, this is the year to climb into your vehicle, slip into your walking shoes, strap on your jet pack...and get yourself over to the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair.

And of course, afterwards, come out to the James Street Feed Company to debrief over beer and good conversation.

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