amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Excited about my Bookthug subscription

Rec’d in the mail today…

A Mysterious Chapbook by an Undisclosed Author
Samuel Andreyev, Weight
George Bowering, Crows in the Wind
Evan Kennedy, Us Them Poems
Jake Kennedy, Hazard

Victor Coleman, Icon Tact (Poems 1984 – 2001)
Jason Dickson, The Hunt
Niels Hav (Tr- Patrick Friesen and P.K. Brask), We Are Here

These are all beautifully produced, from Bowering’s black on black cover to The Hunt’s postcards. I have done little more than snif the glue on the binding so far and flipped thru a bit hither and thither, so I can’t really give a proper description of any of these yet.

So this is just to say…

I’m excited.

Here are some of the words I’ve already noticed…

secret doll…nuzzles a main of animal…forcibly inserted into the sound…and the young eagles shall eat it…our stone fingers know stone knuckles…= the being on fire part…On one side a dead rabbit is displayed…the daughter creates a game…Poetry is a horrible disease

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