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amongst books

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

city elections and campaign donations

I admit that I voted for Alex Munter because I figured he'd be supportive to the arts. We'll see how things go with the same city councillors as usual and a new mayor. Should be an entertaining four years.

I just received a thank you e-mail from Alex Munter. In the e-mail Munter mentions that there's still time to donate to his campaign and that "the city of Ottawa has a generous rebate program, which will refund you the major part of donations up to $300."

Think about this. If a citizen donates money to someone's campaign, the City will use tax dollars to reimburse contributors. Apparently the campaigners didn't have to opt in to this program. I'm horrified that anyone would. This isn't quite the same thing as federal politics where donations are tax deductible because a tax deduction isn't a complete reimbursement. The city site it says the donation must be made during the candidate's campaign, but then you have until until Monday, July 10, 2007 to apply for the rebate. Why the lag? This is an example of what's wrong with our city government. The purse strings are loose about ridiculous things and then the city goes apeshit over posters.

Look at this quote from the site:

"The purpose of the contribution rebate program is to encourage more citizens to participate in municipal elections by supporting a candidate of their choice while, at the same time, learning more about the municipal issues affecting their day-to-day lives."

Did you learn a lot by the money that will be taken from your wallet to pay for the campaigns?

City politics...make me feel dirty.

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