amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Expozine, yeah Expozine

was fun in an overwhelming comic book, coloured jumble kind of way.

best parts:

Charles taking photos of everyone’s feet under the table;

chats with Steve Zytveld of the Dusty Owl and meeting all of his pals;

watching Daniel tattoo his madness on all and sundry;

coming up with titles for eveyone else: "Meat Voyeur" for vegetarian Daniel; "21st Century Five and Dime" for the Dusty Owl's table.

returning to the 60s, but this time as an adult…psychodelic, man;

metrosexuals and their keen fashion sense;

meeting a bunch of ex Ottawans or Ottawans just down for the weekend (apparently I missed Monty Reid who came to our table when I was on walkabout, chatting with Jon Paul Fiorentino way way down on the other side.

the sunshine and warm weather en route. November? What is November?

did I mention the feet?

Later Ron Sexsmith at the Outrement Theatre… who was/is exquisite.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time. :)