amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Have you noticed all those colourful boxes on downtown streets lately? There’s been an explosion of free dailies of late and they’re clogging up brains with their boring reprints of poorly told stories from the Canadian Press and Reuters. 24 and Rush Hour are the Citizen’s and the Sun’s efforts at what exactly? (Although it's good that at least 24 is available in French too). I’m not sure what their purpose is. From what I’ve seen when I’ve bothered to dig one out of the bus seat cracks, they contain no local coverage. They join Metro as YABOTAs (Yet another boring object to throw away).

There’s one exception to these YABOTAs and that’s the City Journal published by Transcontinetal Media. This paper contains stories about Ottawa, including detailed coverage of the arts scene, and the writers and photographers even get to have bylines.

City Journal bills itself as Ottawa’s urban news weekly and its editor is well known fiction writer and journalist, Wes Smiderle. In this week’s issue there are stories about a photoblogger who takes photos of Somerset Street, the Tree Reading Series upcoming Newfoundland Kitchen Party, and a cool article about the Stable Arts Studios Collective. There are also articles on politics and a daily run down on crime, for those who feel the need to know where all the stabbings and break ins take place (this refers both to the crime and the politics).

City Journal joins Xpress and Capital Xtra as WACOs (worthy additions to cultural Ottawa). This shows that I should never try to invent my own acronyms.


Stephen Rowntree said...

24 and rush hour are the Citizen and Sun's attempt to push Metro out of the tabloid market; and yes, Amanada, the reading is slough and bitter.

It's all about advertisng revenues; Capital Xtra and the Xpress have become advertising flyers, or inserts, with a wee bit of editorial. A shame indeed.


Amanda Earl said...

I don't feel that way about the Xpress and Capital Xtra. I enjoy both of them very much and like the coverage of local events. Lately there have been some very intersting book reviews in the Xpress and some fine reporting in Xtra.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes... I got on a bus the other day and literally had to wade through drifts of abandoned Metro newsprint - at least I now know that I stepped on Tom Cruise's face, and apparently something else is happening with him and Katie. _My_ day's enriched.

And people complain about posters cluttering up the streets? At least I don't have to kick posters aside to get to my seat. And posters tell me things I _want_ to know.

And I kind of like your acronyms, Amanda.

Anonymous said...

I finally came across on the City Journals. It is outstanding. I rarely read so much of a paper. Good stuff all the way thru tho and no Hollywood fluff.