amongst books

amongst books

Thursday, April 26, 2007

challenge-show ottawa has vibrant culture

"Can you do 50 arts activities in a year? You may think you’re not an “arts person” but have you ever thought about how art figures into your day? Here is your opportunity to tell Canadians about your 50 arts adventures in 2007-- be they serious, extraordinary, official, ridiculous or sublime."

please help me bombard the site with as many very specific ottawa events as possible in the areas of art, culture, literature and whatever else you can think of to demonstrate that we are not some cultural backwater as the media here insists. show your pride in ottawa as canada's cultural sweet spot.register and upload activities.

be specific, name drop and mention websites and blogs of ottawa cultural icons, movers and shakers.

oh yeah, it's for the 50th anniversary of the canada council of the arts ;)

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