amongst books

amongst books

Thursday, May 10, 2007

follow up rant

i’m passionate about this city; i think it’s creative, fun, small enough to really get to know well, and friendly. yes, we have our share of problems and i’d love to see more money put toward helping the poor, i’d love to see more publicity and promotion of the arts, i’d love to see more venues for arts and entertainment...i have my wish list...

but the one thing that pisses me off more than anything in this city are all the malcontents and naysayers who spend all their time complaining.

what impresses me are the ones who do something, who drive new initiatives. those who actually work in art galleries and try to promote local artists, the publishers, the festival organizers, the local poverty groups, the activists who get people to sign petitions when they have issues, the entrepreneurs who start up new businesses and restaurants when they think something isn’t there.

if you think ottawa is dull, liven it up, don’t leave town to party elsewhere. i’d like to see all the negative energy spent whining turned into positive action. i love this city and i want to see it thrive, but not as some fancy roast beef and granite mausoleum as this cohen guy seems to favour. ottawa is as vibrant as we make it. what are you doing to spice things up?

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