amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

wanted recipients of fellatio

to describe what it feels like

for an article i’m writing which is actually about writing (i know the connection isn’t obvious, but i’m heading somewhere here ;)

you either have or used to have a penis, wear or at some point wore a strap on and have received fellatio

send no more than a paragraph to amanda underscore earl at storm dot ca

you can send me anywhere from a few words to 500 words

also, if you’ve read a really good description somewhere, send me the description and the source info or just the source info, including author and publication title

if i use something you’ve given me, i’ll credit you if you want to be credited and keep you anonymous if you’d prefer that

note i’m not looking for stuff on how to give fellatio, i’m looking for info on how it feels to receive it

i may respond with some follow up questions

the research will be used in an article to be published in either an on line or printed journal

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