amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

sex is shameful

did you know that? if you are polyamorous or if you enjoy a bdsm lifestyle you had better keep it to yourself. if you write about sex, you shouldn’t discuss it in polite company. there are places for that kind of writing. you know...those books.

this is what i’m contending with the ??? 21st Century. you can have your dirty little secrets. just don’t tell.


what happens when we cater to this kind of mentality? is the world a better place? do people who lead these lifestyles feel good about their place in society? does keeping sex private lead to a healthy attitude in people’s personal growth and identity?

don’t answer any of this. that would be indiscreet of you.

Alan Moore in his informative article on pornography disagrees:

“Sexual openness and cultural progress would seem pretty much to have walked hand in hand throughout the opening chapters of the human story in the West, and it wasn’t until the advent of Christianity, or more specifically of the apostle Paul, that anybody realized we should all be thoroughly ashamed of both our bodies and those processes relating to them.”

Is it still the 1800s when William Blake was persecuted for his sexually open writing?

I will continue to fight against the suppression of freedom of sexual expression in society.

I just wish more manifestos a la Alan Moore could be written. I’m so sick of the Victorians and Georgians dictating my rights and yours to express, communicate and learn about sex. It is a beautiful thing. It is the most intimate way of showing love and connection that exists. It is to be celebrated not treated as something ugly.

i feel quite icky right now. read Alan Moore’s article. it will make you feel better.

“In the end, it’s in the hands of individual people, individual artists, writers, film-makers or poets. If they have the nerve to plant their flags in this despised and dangerous terrain despite its uninviting nature, then in time the dismal wilderness might be transformed into a scented garden of enduring value. The erotic might be elevated from her current status as a hooker everyone keeps chained up in their cellar but nobody talks about, unmentionable but available, back to her previous position as a goddess.”

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Natalie Zed said...

Thank you for this post. I know and feel your frustration. Thank you for expressing yours and making all of us feel a little less isolated in our unashamed alternative sexuality.