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amongst books

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Name Some Winter Films

I just saw the Golden Compass, the screen adaptation of the first book in Philip Pullman’s wonderful trilogy, His Dark Materials. In the film, the scenes of winter were gorgeous. It got me thinking about what movies are set in’s the beginning to my list...if you can think of others, please comment. Let’s skip the xmas movies for now, that’s too obvious. These are the ones I’ve seen, and still remember good winter scenes from:

1. Dr. Zhivago
what movies stand out in your mind because of their winter scenes?
ps-the photo is of course, one by Charles, from December, 2004.


David said...

Wonder Boys.

It's one of my favorite movies in part due to the way it characterizes weather. It's quite palpable without drawing too much attention directly to it.

Great photos, by the way.

NigelBeale said...

Hey Amanda,

I know it's not entirely set in winter...but howz about Narnia?

Amanda Earl said...

thanks guys...i'd forgotten the Narnia film! and i've never seen the Wonder Boys, so i've added that to my list :)

Marcus McCann said...

I think you'll like the Wonder Boys. In the way that it's shot, it's got a not-quite-real feeling about it. Distanced...

Gremlins, the first one, is definitely set in winter.

Oh! And The Shining!

Stephen Rowntree said...

Mon oncle Antoine, great sledding footage and Doctor Zhivago, parts of it at least.