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amongst books

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Canada’s Sexiest Artists-all genres, all genders list

sexiest artists that are in or have passed thru Ottawa…


Wajdi Mouawad, Playwright and Artistic Director of the NAC French Theatre
i heard him speak at the Vote Culture Town Hall Meeting this fall; he was inspiring and passionate.

Jessica Ruano, theatre student, creator of the Ottawa Arts Newsletter, cultural activist
first met Jessica at the Café Nostalgica open set on Thursday nights when she was still at Canterbury. i knew she would be a dynamo and she hasn’t disappointed me yet.

Visual Arts / Graphic Comics

Emily Falvey, independent art curator, writer of both poetry and prose, brilliant and beautiful.

Patrick John Mills is a visual artist and gallery owner who i saw painting a mural at the Ottawa Art Gallery’s art auction a few years ago. yes, i have a thing for redheads and gorgeous intense art.

Kim Hoang, just met her at the recent small press fair; talented and bursting with creative energy.

Colin White, also made his acquaintance at the fair. sexy hair and witty comix.


Mike Blouin, also writes poetry, but it’s his novel Chase and Haven, that has me enamoured and that Tom Waits hat and silver hair. yes, darling, silver is sexy. in hair and of tongue.

Matthew Firth, the publisher and editor of Front&Centre Magazine, an expert short story writer with a dark and temperament that is irresistible.

Megan Butcher= fiction, poetry and blogging for this lithe and sensitive kindred spirit who bares her soul regularly on her blog.

John Lavery for his gift of the tongue both in words and song.


Dante Was Here, a new coterie of photographers that includes my sexy mate, Charles Earl, Yannis Souris, Azimir Burzic, Peter Juranka, Robert James, Eric Fruhauf, Menno Spijker, Bob Acton, Maureen Murphy, Natasha Penknovich and Caroline Gomersall; many of them were recently part of an exhibit at the Armada Club in the Byward Market and the pics were smouldering and sexy. they meet regularly to critique and exchange tips.

John W. MacDonald-it’s that sweet and innocent smile and the not so innocent Nikon


Sandra Ridley, Marcus McCann, Stephen Brockwell, rob mclennan, Monty Reid, David O’Meara, Christine McNair, Anita Dolman, Jennifer Mulligan, Gwen Guth, Kate Hunt, Shane Rhodes (and probably a bunch more i’m forgetting)

all of these writers create new and amazing work i admire; some like rob and Jennifer are renaissance artists, they publish too or work in other genres, such as film, fiction, reviews, essays, interviews, music , theatre and more. beautiful on the inside and out.

the University of Ottawa English Department

do they put something in the water there? PhD students, sessional lecturers and professors are beautiful and intelligent writers and organizers:

Jamie Bradley, Sean Moreland, Robert Stacey (and probably more i haven’t met yet ;)

Ottawa Arts Review – Marc and Tiffany et al…
good to see the energy of these two, but we need more issues, don’t tarry…

Carleton University

– In/Words staff
Cameron Anstee, Mark Sokolwosi, Peter Gibbon, Ben Ladouceur

The Moose and Pussy

Jeff Blackman and Kate Maxfield for being courageous and creative and having the initiative to start up a magazine about ….sssssh sex.


Melissa Laveaux, Phil Lafreniere, Mike Yates and the Candidates, John Gillies, Glenn Nuotio, Andrea Simms-Karp

Storytelling and Spoken Word

Ivan E. Coyote

weren’t we lucky Ivan was here for a bit to entertain us all?

Luna Allison, a beautiful and talented new addition to Ottawa.

Kevin Matthews, Greg Frankson and Free Will

no, i’m not into spoken word, but these guys…for them, i’d enjoy it…words too. spoken and unspoken.


Dog and Pony Sound-Christopher Doyle and for his sexy words and sound at the Owl on Sunday afternoons.

Just passing thru

Natalie Zina Walschots, Steve Heighton, Suzanne Buffam, Daniel Allen Cox, Maria Erskine, Nathaniel G. Moore, Jay MillAr, Gustave Morin, George Murray, Leigh Nash, Robert Priest, Ron Sexsmith, William Neil Scott, Sherwin Tja, Michael Winter, Matthew Zapruder
please come back!


Kristy McKay, Trevor Tchir, Andrew Faulkner, Spencer Gordon, Jeff Fry, Laurie Fuhr, Warren Dean Fulton, Melanie Little, Peter Norman, Rozaline MacPhail, Wanda O’Connor, Adam Petrashek, Melissa Upfold, Lisa Slater
please come back!


Alastair Larwill and Ryan Hume have shown up this year at open mics charming and entertaining us all.

who else should be on the list and which artists will help Ottawa lose the dour, anti-arts reputation and sex us up in 2009? it could be you....

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Unknown said...

Wajdi and me in the same category! I am very flattered. And also curious: does this mean we get to battle it out in some sort of sexy competition? Could it potentially involve finger paints...?