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amongst books

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

best of 2011-poetry: the rest of the best

at some point, I would like to write more about the compelling, creative, whimsical, & resonant poetry collections of 2011, which seems to have been a banner year for poetry, & perhaps I will. for now here is my best of Canadian poetry 2011 list….first a small note on the idea of best of lists. I know, it's bogus to some extent. I haven't read all the poetry that came out in 2011, listened to all the music etc, etc, but I feel these best of lists are entertaining & useful. I read them to find out about books, music I haven't heard of. & even better if a bit of detail is provided.

furthermore personal recommendation by people I admire goes a long way to making me want to read a book or purchase a cd. we are in an era where having an opinion is frowned upon. I disagree with that. so I make lists of what appeals to me & sometimes I even provide deets. i'm willing to stand up & support work that I feel holds up to standards of excellence & even sheer joy.

I go to a lot of readings, poetry is one of the few things I spend money on & I don't spend it lightly because I don't have a lot. I think work that stands out is worthy of praise. & i think you should rush to your nearest indie bookstore & buy the titles below. here then is the whole best of poetry list for 2011 according to me. I'd love to hear about your favourite Canadian poetry books of 2011. tell me…

& if i end up enjoying the poetry collections you recommend which aren't on my list so far, at some point i may just write about them here too.

A Doctor Pedalled Her Bicycle Over the River Arno - Matt Rader (House of Anansi)

Post-Apothecary - Sandra Ridley (Pedlar Press)

Apollinaire's Speech to the War Medic - Jake Kennedy (Book Thug)

the id kid - Linda Besner - (Signal Editions)

Pillage Laud - ErĂ­n Moure (Book Thug)

Methodist Hatchet - Ken Babstock (House of Anansi)

The Porcupinity of the Stars - Gary Barwin (Coach House Books)

Killdeer - Phil Hall (Book Thug)

I Can Say Interpellation - Stephen Cain (with fabulous illustrations by Clelia Scala (BookThug)

Dance, Monster! - Stan Rogal (Insomniac Press)

Oyama Pink Shale - Sharon Thesen (House of Anansi)

Err - Shane Rhodes (Nightwood Editions)

Earworm - Nick Thran (Nightwood Editions)

The Material Sublime - Carleton Wilson (Nightwood Editions)

Patrick Lane - The Collected Poems of Patrick Lane (Harbour Publishing)

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