amongst books

amongst books

Saturday, December 31, 2011

new work over at the Railroad Poetry Project

thanks to editor Amanda Eades for including three of my more fanciful poems, written this year & also republishing some of my visual poetry from the series Paradise Lost, first published in the Drunken Boat visual poetry issue in 2009. read the issue here.

this is the third issue of the new online mag & they're looking for more, so send to them pronto.

here's a bit of their mission, cribbed from their site:
"Based in the U.K., Railroad Poetry Project was founded by a writer of ‘beat’ poetry who is sixty-something years late and on the wrong side of the pond. The experience of writing poetry that rarely fits the criteria of most publications and presses encouraged the poet to seek out folk with a similar problem. It quickly became evident that there are many talented and frustrated poets facing the same issue: receiving rejection letters that give such feedback as ‘It’s just not for us’ and ‘whilst I enjoyed reading your poems, which were very interesting, I’m afraid, the style does not fit that of the press.’ The problem is, for poetry that works outside of current trends and contemporary styles, there are few places to submit."[...]

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