amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

100 blessings to start 2012

1 Charles
2 dear friends
3 shelter: our lovely light-filled aerie
4 food: especially Charles' baked goods
5 good health
(esp the success of my surgery in January & end to appointments at the Ottawa General & Billings Bridge We care)
6 integrity
7 hot & cold running water; being able to take a hot bath/shower
8 a comfortable king sized bed with a colourful & cozy duvet
9 being able to spend my weekdays writing; especially thankful to grant agencies; in 2011 OAC Writers Reserve
10 being able to publish talented artists & writers via Bywords & AngelHousePress; thank you contributors
11 being able to attend readings, such as the wonderful festivals: Writers Festival & Versefest, the A B Series, the Factory Reading Series, Plan 99…
12 being able to attend small press fairs: ottawa small press book fair & the Meet the Presses fair in Toronto.
13 Charles' photography on line & in the Draught gallery
14 small press publishers both on line & in print who publish my work
15 bloggers who write about my work or comment on my blog posts & creations
16 poetry & visual poetry
17 novels
18 non fiction
19 real books & bookstores
20 music-especially local musicians
21 art-especially the National Gallery, local galleries & great photography by so many
22 film & good tv shows
23 the radio, especially the CBC, CKCU & CHUO & most especially Podcasts, Penn's Poetry Radio
24 tea
25 Charles' strong coffee
26 the red moleskine journals Charles buys me, starting in the hospital
27 the internet, especially great blogs such as rob mclennan's, Pearl Pirie's & Jamie Bradley's.
28 tomatoes
29 sushi
30 dim sum
31 living downtown
32 being able to walk or take the bus most places
33 being debt free
34 having no mortgage, no house maintenance & repair bills, no heat & hydro bills, no property taxes
35 having no car (no car repairs, no car repair bills)
36 memories of dear friends who are no longer with us, their music, their art, their writing
37 not having to shovel snow or mow a lawn or scrape a windshield or dig up the ground or weed a lawn
38 not having to travel via airplane
39 being able to play my guitar, & a coupla new songs in 2011
40 coming back to pottery after a seven year break
41 whimsy
42 three ply tissues & good toilet paper
43 a variable temperature tea kettle
44 magic bag
45 the office I share with Charles
46 my plaid waterproof winter boots
47 my 30 year old or so red plaid flannel shirt (hole in elbow means it's headed for its demise)
48 playing games with Charles: Scrabble (Lexulous on FB) & Cribbage
49 knitting
50 eavesdropping in cafes & the fodder it yields for poetry
51 honey crisp apples
52 trips to Montreal & lovely time at friends' wedding
53 the Ottawa photowalk in the fog & rain
54 no pets, no plants, just full on human nurturing & being nurtured by same
55 graffitti
56 Ron Sexsmith's concert at the First Baptist Church & in store the next day
57 being able to eat popcorn again
58 hallways & stairs I can climb to keep healthy
59 chip truck fries in a paper bag (in the foggy misty autumn)
60 colds & flus are now just colds & flus
61 my IPOD
62 catching snow flakes on red mittens
63 Raw Sugar Café
64 my fountain pen
65 So Good
66 nuts, any kind of nut: cashews, almonds, macadamia, brazil, peacan, walnut
67 honey
68 harmony
69 Neko Case, Bronson Centre
70 baked goods of dear friends
71 leisurely chats over Thai food with dear friends
72 English songs covered in other languages
73 Photoshop, which is fun to make vispo with
74 shelves & shelves full of books
75 the Ottawa Public Library
76 the University of Ottawa Library - Morissett
77 the gerbera daisies given to me by a dear friend
78 long walks listening to Lightnin Hopkins, Howlin' Wolf, Townes Van Zandt, ballads & blues
79 Bob Dylan
80 Tom Waits
81 the train
82 the #4 bus, which now runs from my place to the Rideau Centre & back
83 crazy buttons & bling for my bag
84 my label maker
85 Jian Ghomeshi - CBC RADIO - Q
86 Kate Bush 50 Words for Snow
87 peanut sauce
88 Thai sticky rice
89 coloured magic markers with which to doodle
90 noodles of any kind
91 Charles' homemade pizza
92 grateful for those who are not gender biased
93 Ottawa Start's weekly round up of events
94 the crows in a line at 4 o'clock pm
95 the lack of pigeons on the balcony
96 the new bike path on Laurier & Bixi bike rentals
97 seafood udon soup & ramen noodle soup
98 frozen vanilla yogurt
99 Funk Yer Junk
100 living in the now

[much thanks to Pearl Pirie for the inspiration to count my blessings]

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