amongst books

amongst books

Friday, January 06, 2012

a partial list of 2012 forthcoming poetry titles

this is what i've been able to gleen so far from publisher sites & e-mails, & online articles. i shall add more as i hear of more. the forthcoming poetry collections range from autobiography, illness, travelogue, superheroe skullduggery, selected collections, experimental whimsy & so forth...looks like another creative & inspiring year for poetry. hurray! please help me fill in what's missing, publishers, authors & author stalkers/groupies.

DC Books
In the Vision of Birds - Steve Luxton
The Lower Provinces - Daniel O’Leary

Véhicule Press
Sumptuary Laws - NYLA MATUK

Brick Books
Omens in the Year of the Ox - Steven Price
Monkey Ranch - Julie Bruck
Between Dusk and Night - Emily McGiffin
I see my love more clearly from a distance - Nora Gould

Coach House Books
Divide and Rule - Walid Bitar
New Theatre - Susan Steudel

ECW Press
Echo Gods and Silent Mountains - Patrick Wood

House of Anansi Press
Erín Moure - The Unmemntioable

Guernica Editions
Rooms the Wind Makes - James Deahl
Foreignbody - Catherine Lalonde, translated by Nora Allyn
The Bones of His Being - Sue Chenette
For the Maintenance of Landscape, Selected Poems - Mia Lecomte, translated by Johanna Bishop and Brenda Porster

Insomniac Press
Doom - Natalie Zina Walshots
The Hard Return - Marcus McCann

Palimpsest Press
Hummingbird - John Wall Barger
Origins - Darryl Whetter

Porcupine's Quill
Wayworn Wooden Floors - Mark Lavorato
The Essential Robert Gibbs - selected by Brian Bartlett
Words for Elephant Man - Kenneth Sherman

Turnstone Press
sonar - Kristian Enright
Monstrance - Sarah Klassen

Arsenal Pulp Press
Impact - Billeh Nickerson


Susan Glickman said...

Hi Amanda,

I have a new poetry book (my 6th) coming out with Vehicule this spring, same time as Nyla's. It's called The Smooth Yarrow.

Susan Glickman

Amanda Earl said...

thanks, Susan!