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amongst books

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ottawa's Sexy Creatives 2012

let's celebrate the creative energy radiating from our city. not on this list but should be are various chefs, bookstore-resto-pub- &-café owners, more theatre folk & visual artists. Ottawa is great fun with a lot of arts & culture to offer.

honourable mentions to organizations such as VERSeOttawa, the Ottawa International Writers Festival & web sites such as Apt613, Spacing Ottawa & Open File Ottawa where you can keep up to date on much of what is happening in the city. in no particular order here are some of the sexy Ottawans (or near Ottawans) who contribute to that environment, whether they are in the public eye or toiling obscurely in attics, they make this city hum with creativity & inspire the rest of us. [the list is by no means complete. I welcome suggestions from you.]

Charles Earl, photographer, web designer, chapbook designer
Nadine Thornhill- sex educator, spoken word artist, blogger
Allison Armstrong, spoken word artist, co-host of Voices of Venus
Wajdi Mouawad-playwright, director, actor
Patrick John Mills-artist, gallery owner
Megan Butcher-sex educator, smut writer, blogger
Shelly Taylor, proprietor of Venus Envy, the best sex shop in Ottawa & possibly the world
Chris Carroll, Collected Works Bookstore worker, writer
Jamie Bradley, poet
Sandra Ridley-poet
Andrea Simms-Karp-musician
Marie-Josée Houle, musician
Faye Estrella-spoken word artist, co-host of Voices of Venus
Christine McNair-writer & rob mclennan-writer, publisher
Luna Allison-spoken word artist, jazz poet, performance artist
Brad Morden-musician, spoken word artist, host
James Missen-musician
John Gillies-musician, poet
Christian McPherson-poet, novelist
Michael Blouin-poet, novelist
Michèle Provost, visual artist
Glenn Nuotio, musician & rabble-rouser
Pearl Pirie, poet, workshop facilitator, blogger & Brian Pirie-web designer, sound poet
Ruthanne Edward-storyteller & Rusty Priske-spoken word artist
Kevin Matthews-spoken word artist, designer, visual poet
Matthew Firth-writer, publisher
Adam Thomlison, writer, publisher, future journalist
Susan Johnston, radio host
Bardia Sinaee, poet, radio host
Kate Maxfield & Jeff Blackman, writers & publishers
Christopher Doyle, karaoke host & business owner
Sean Wilson & Kira Harris, Writers Festival organizers
David O'Meara, poet & host of Plan 99
Adrian Harewood, journalist & news anchor
Alan Neal, radio host
Mitchell Caplan, radio host
Kim Barry Brunhuber, journalist & news anchor
John Carroll & Birdie Whyte, musicians & hosts
Lynn Miles, musician
Kate Heartfield, journalist, fiction writer
Brigette de Pape, activist, poet
Monty Reid, poet, musician, & Sarah Hill, musician
Scott Fairchild, maker of Creepy Go Lucky stuff & barkeep at the Dominion Tavern

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