amongst books

amongst books

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Notes On Blogging

I'm looking forward to today's two A B Series events featuring Ron Silliman, the American poet & blogger. In the afternoon workshop & artist's talk, he'll be talking a bit about blogging. I've followed his blog here and there over the years.

I might post some thoughts after the events, we'll see, but for now I'm left with asking myself about my own blogging practice: why did I begin blogging? what are my blogs for?

I think I had a Live Journal account first, so long ago that I can't remember my username or anything much about it. it was probably some kind of tell all 30 something version of a teenage wank fest of angst and confession.

then in 2003 I began I hadn't had too much poetry published at that point, was overly influenced by Rumi & wrote sentimental saccharine plonk about fruit. poems which probably shouldn't have been shared, but I had friends who were intrigued & wanted to see them, so I set up my blog.

this blog has been revamped as my visual poetry blog these days, for pretty much the same reason. I'm a vispo neophyte, with not too much of it being published yet (if ever), so it's a way to share my work, get some feedback & connect to the visual poetry community.

my literary blog started in 2005 with a brief hiatus in 09/10. it began as an offshoot to where I was posting a bunch of literary events. I kept hearing, keep hearing that nothing ever happens in Ottawa etc. etc. based on all the events I was posting & attending, I knew this to be a bullshit mindfuck repeated by passive aggressive types with woe is me agendas.

I started to report on poetry readings. I do this less now because others have taken up event reporting more & much more accurately & in depth than I would ever be or would care to be. I write notes, impressions, opinion.

from there I began writing about books that engaged me & now I'll include a hodge-podge of stuff. I haven't worried about how many followers I have or visits or any kind of statistics. I get the occasional feedback from someone who's read my blog.

the main reason I blog I suppose is to share info & opinion, to write about literature & music that excite me & to connect with like minded people.

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