amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


thinking today about what inspires me. like many, I used to believe inspiration came from perfection, something pristine & masterfully made. but while I can admire such, I don't often find I have a reaction to it that goes beyond awe. inspiration for me seems to be primarily the result of my response to something & not always a positive response. sometimes it's all in the flinch…

unevenness, bumps in the road, graffiti, construction zones, the fracture lines on porcelain, the shattered, the shattering, broken bits of pottery, a dark unknown blotch on a painting, even a poorly rendered image or line in a poem can foster some kind of reaction.

what can set me writing or creating in some way is often being told "DON'T!" as soon as I hear that, I rebel. I hate hearing that word. on the other hand it inspires me to create…

thinking also about the idea, possibly from Rilke, possibly much before, of a terrible beauty. how terror & horror have resulted in human reaction through the creation of art (by art I'm including music & literature as well as visual art). art is the triumph over this terror, over death itself perhaps as what one person has created is responded to by someone else & so on, the passing of the baton throughout the ages.

how many discoveries have been made thru accidents, thru not having the perfect conditions in which to create? the main thing that fosters creativity, I believe, is interest, not being indifferent. indifference causes numbness of the heart & body & mind.

my inspiration for these thoughts today was the CBC Ideas program "Solar Wind" in which Paul Kennedy speaks to historian Modris Eksteins about among other things the aestheticism that was created thru Nazism, art forgery & the dangers of false certainty.

& also some tweets exchanged with Pearl Pirie @pesbo about refrigerator poems. thanks, Pearl!

I resolve to look for inspiration in the broken, the imperfect & the flawed.

tell me/ or show me...what inspires you?

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