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amongst books

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Catharine & Me e-book : Poetry Free For All

as part of the Poetry Superhighway's E-Book Free for All, 73 poets have made their chapbooks available on line, but it's a time-limited offer. You have til midnight tonight (I think that's Eastern Standard Time) to download them. All kinds of poetry is up, including a chapbook apparently by Jerry Garcia. The chapbooks are listed alphabetically according to chapbook title.

i've put up Catharine & Me, an excerpt from my longer work in progress, "All the Catharines." Some of these poems have appeared in unarmed (USA), Sunfish (UK), the Dusty Owl Quarterly (Ottawa, Ontario CANADA), poetryzown (Cobourg, Ontario, CANADA), the PROSE Poem (USA).

this is the section of the work that explores the idea of character & creator as opposed to other sections which embody the voices of various historical & literary Catharines.

you can download Catharine & Me & other chapbooks by clicking on this link.

thanks to the Ontario Arts Council Writers' Reserve Program for funding in 2010/2011.

thanks to Rick Lupert of Poetry Superhighway for this initiative.


Darren Greer said...

Thanks for posting Amanda. I really enjoyed this, and I look forward to the entire book being released.

Amanda Earl said...

thanks very much, Darren.

Rick Lupert said...

Thanks for spreading the word Amanda and for participating!


Kevin Matthews said...

w00t thanks for the gift!

Antonino Mazza said...

"Up there," he managed,
"Where white is black and black is white, I won." Ted Hughes, Crow

Ciao Amanda,
A poetry book that I never tire of revisiting for pure poetic pleasure of the highest order, but also for a strong doze of replenishments when I am truly down in the doldrums is Crow, by the English poet Ted Hughes. I have a copy of Crow Hughes signed for me; in 1983 he showed up in Toronto when I was poorest.

It still surprises and astonishes me how that ubiquitous indefatigable blackest of birds can stir and yank me out of the dumps I inevitably fall down into from time to time.

Your Catharine & Me e-book reminded me of Crow, with which it shares similar resilience and structure. I enjoyed reading it, very much, and wish to congratulate you on this early accomplishment.
Antonino Mazza, Ottawa.

Amanda Earl said...

thanks for reading, folks. apparently there were 52 downloads yesterday. & Antonino, I haven't read much Hughes, so thanks for the recommendation & the kind words.