amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Disappearing - John Lavery

for KR

which way to the airfield?
tell me can I get there from here?
I’m travelling last class
to Betelgeuse, Deneb, Altair
and points beyond

learn to live without, learn to live within
hep, the motto of the cosmic traveller
sleep tight between the spirit and the skin
make your home the horizon

I’m disappearing
tell me can I get there from here?
I’m ditching my high time,
my single space, and my androsphere
and I’m moving on

nothing to recall, nothing to declare
hep, the visa of the cosmic traveller
thanks for choosing Labyrinthine Air
we kiss your abyss any new where

we’re six-shooting starlings
we’re blonde, blue-eyed crows
junkyard swans caked with mud

we can’t talk
if you hold me down

white, prairie petrels
we’re larks lost at sea
brownbirds of paradise

the word is
when birds die
they fall to the ground

Did you sleep well?
The kitchen’s closed,
I don’t cook for bed lugs.
It’s cold. You’ll have to
make some yourself.

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