amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

current ings

Eating: an everything bagel with margarine.

Drinking: day old coffee.

Listening to:  Bob Dylan's the Tempest "so much for tears, so much for these long and wasted years."
Reading: The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan; Coming Together Presents: Remittance Girl; Form on Forms by Mark Goldstein.

Watching: Community (actually just finished all the seasons available on the Cdn Netflix!).
Playing/fixated on: Sim City Social.

Researching: hurricane chasers, Newfoundland.
Writing: ghazals, smut.

Editing: Seeing Red, an m/m story about a security guard & the swimmer in the red Speedo he views thru a surveillance system.
Looking forward to: rob & Christine's wedding; the Ottawa International Writers Festival.

Planning: walkabout with camera; closet clean out session; lunch, walks, libations with dear friends; a new winter mmf story to meet a deadline; a silver & red acrylic painting; catching up on correspondence; all the stuff I mentioned in last blog post.
Contemplating: colour, temptation, my guitar (but not playing it).

Desiring: a return visit to the Bytown Museum, specifically the 2nd floor;  a wander thru the National Gallery; a glass of Rioja; a bottle of Mort subite; French pastries;  a fresh fig; fiction I can get lost in; moon cakes; new music; errant kindred rogues; conversation & society with good friends & people who intrigue; an early morning walkabout companion; an excursion by train & photo walkabout with Charles.
Breathing…continuing to. phew.

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