amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Best of 2012: 10 from the Internet

Scriabin's Prometheus: Poem on Fire
for those fascinated by the connection between music & sound & colour. if you're a synaesthete, you might enjoy this. I discovered it via the next recommendation, Canadian Poetries.

Canadian Poetries, particularly Jenna Butler & Douglas Barbour in conversation
full of good poems, gentle conversations, a focus on poetry & art plus a wonderful section called Poet Secrets. so glad Shawna Lemay decided to set this up this year. It's a valuable contribution to the ongoing conversation on poetry. is 2.0 of the well-known blog by Sina Queyras, but now there are regular contributors & plenty of content on poetics, essays & fragments. LemonHound has always been an excellent showcase for the lesser known & the marginalized. So pleased to see this initiative.  

a site that focuses on Canadian literature with lots of lists. I adore lists. fun that we can all add our own to the site for others to see. Corey Redekop has a great list entitled "Books You Darn Well Should Have Read By Now," & Pedlar Press gives us "Books That Enchant While Exploding In Your Face." is a site that allows you to listen to music for free. I knew about this site,  have done for some time, but I forgot about it, so it's here because a dear friend reminded me of it this year & I've been listening to classical music & opera, genres that I don't own much of.  if you have a smart phone you can also listen to it via

Embarrassing to say I spend time playing this game, but I've always been a huge fan of Sim City. On FB I can  play for free. I think the idea of city building is an imaginative act & goes quite well with trying to write or perform any other creative act.

CBC Radio 1 podcasts, particularly Writers and Company & Wachtel on the Arts, the 1995 rebroadcast of the Wachtel on the Arts FairytaleSpecial with Marina Warner with two stories read aloud by the late Angela Carter, the Fran Lebowitz interview in November, & also the May interview with Philip Glass. also CBC Ideas, Q, & a whole pile of other podcasts & shows.
Ubu Web in general, but particularly the Visual Poetrysection updated by derek beaulieu.
jwc 302's Flickr stream books in his library, particularly bpNichol plus some gorgeous train & railroad pics.
Live from Daryl's House - musical performances by well known & lesser knowns at the home of Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates, particularly the xmas show with Jose Feliciano. it's a big guitar jam. this has become as fun to me as the NPR First Listen shows, Tiny Desktop Concerts & Mountain Stage. I also dig CBC's Concerts on Demand series.

what are your 10 fav internet sites this year?

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