amongst books

amongst books

Monday, December 17, 2012

desirable gifts (some literary)

I don't exchange gifts at xmas. my belief is that gifts should be more spontaneous, not inspired by some conventional holiday/sheepy group mindset; however, i am just as weak as anyone else & can't help but be influenced by all the xmas ads etc, which have turned my mind to gift wish lists. here are a few items I covet for those so inspired at any time of year:

1. donations to the Ottawa Food Bank, the Cornerstone Women's Shelter, the Ottawa Mission;
2. outings with dear friends, including but not limited to long walks, libations, meals, art gallery visits (sex with attractive men is also on the list;) ;

3. mixed tapes or rather the modern day equivalent: CDs burned with yr fav music;

4. men's extra large red plaid shirts or anything plaid for that matter;

5. tea, especially Twinings Irish Breakfast bagged tea, which for some reason my grocery story no longer carries;

6. blingy broaches & pins with subversive slogans to put on my jean bag;

7. yr fav fiction: either novels or short stories;

8.  fountain pen ink & new fountain pens; I have one pen, but it would be nice to be able to have a variety so I can use more than one colour at a time.

9. aromatherapy oils or candle holders & candles;

10. dark chocolate or home-baked goods.
11. acrylic paint & brushes;
12. interesting textures, including but not limited to scraps of paper, wood, metal.
13. hand knitted or crocheted long scarves, hats, red mittens.

14. fairy tales & books on Arthurian legend: i have a small collection.

Not poetry (I have piles of unread poetry all over the place), not perfume, not alcohol, not anything from Walmart or any big box chain store, not clothing except for the plaid shirts mentioned above & nothing below extra large; not soaps, not ornaments that require dusting, not artwork, not dried fruit); not large objects of any kind.

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