amongst books

amongst books

Monday, September 16, 2013

Owling it up on September 22 and you're invited

Please join me & my illustrious compatriot, the darkly poetic/poetically dark fiction writer Craig Calhoun for our featured readings this Sunday:

Dusty Owl Reading Series
Mugshots Bar, 75 Nicholas Street
Sunday, September 22, 3pm

Craig says he's going to read us stories of murder & fire. Also he reports that there is a skeleton in the Mugshots Courtyard. 

I'll be reading mostly new un-related soundy poems featuring the Furious Girl, the World-Owes-Him-A-Living Guy, Daphne-the Dame of the Dolphin, skullduggery, jiggery pockery, hermit crabs, King Arthur, the yellow brick road, Imogen, Sir Ender of the Liquor Ardour, hounderifics, clam ditties, Bro Diddley, Madam Bovary, stodgy otters, diphthongs &  more disreputable characters…

I hope to see you there.

For those of you who like doing such things, here is the FaceBook event to sign up to.

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