amongst books

amongst books

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Afternoon Circle Jerk Society

my homage to Victorian erotica is now on line for the month of November at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association Gallery.

thank you to Adrienne & my fellow writers and editors of the ERWA for support & editing suggestions.

check out the other excellent stories in this month's gallery. 

Donate to CKCU

Community radio in Ottawa serves an important role in the literary community, ensuring that our events are promoted and broadcasting interviews with writers. Two shows on CKCU that do these things and more are Friday Special Blend, hosted by Susan Johnston at 7am and Literary Landscape on Thursday at 6:30pm with a rotating cast of hosts, including Pearl Pirie, Kate Hunt, Dave Currie and Neil Wilson.

Tonight on Literary Landscape, Pearl Pirie and Kate Hunt will be offering book prize packages to those who donate. Go to the show sites to listen to some great previous shows via CKCU On Demand.

Donate now to your favourite show securely online at with your Visa or Mastercard or with PayPal.

I will always remember going to my interview with Jane Crosier, the wonderful originator of Literary Landscape. It was one of the first times I'd ever done an interview, let alone one on the radio. She was friendly, inquisitive and great fun to talk with.

Please help CKCU raise $127,000 this year. They are Canada's oldest community radio station. Let's keep them going.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Poem: 3 from Beast Body Epic

three prose poems from my poem series, "Beast Body Epic" are now on line as part of the rob mclennan curated Dusie Tuesday Poem Series. I am #30.

BBE is a series of fifty poems I had been working on in my head since November, 2012 & finally transcribed onto the page in January, 2013 in a forty-eight hour period, where I wrote while listening to Nine Inch Nails (particularly The Downward Spiral.)

I was thinking about estrangement from the body, the feeling of the body as a type of monster, ghosts & the other. I'm going to talk a wee bit about the other on November 21 as part of the Factory Reading SeriesLecture Series, a VERSeFest fundraiser.

thanks to rob mclennan for including me in these adventures. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

OGG: Erotica Revisited

my latest post on Oh Get A Grip is about the taboo erotica i reread & why. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Booty from the Fair

Another fine day at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair, now in its 19th year. Here are the treasures I picked up at the fair.

40-watt spotlight (Adam Thomlison):  "a further last thumbnail picture show" - the final in a zine series & bound in index prints from film. I make sure to buy whatever new work Adam has on his table. these very short stories are fun, irreverent tales.

2 zines from Radical Montreal's Zine Distro: over the years, I've become increasingly fascinated by zines & zine culture. this autumn, I was fortunate to attend the third annual zine off at Pressed, where I was exposed to a variety of zines & intriguing independent-minding folk…my kind of people. zines can be personal memoir type works or zany collection or informative and helpful advice offerings. at the Radical Montreal table I picked up two: Sheena Swirlz' Representing the Q3, Poly, a lovely little advice zine for those interesting in exploring polyamory. It can fit in the pocket or the wallet. I should have bought ten of these to hand out. They were only $1. The other zine I bought was also by Sheena & called Sustainable Street Art: Radical Montreal Guide to Green Graffiti. this is a small booklet jam packed with photos, recipes & suggestions, such as moss bombing, filling street repair cracks with flowers, seed bombing etc.

At the table of Montreal visual artist Matthew Thomson, I wanted pretty much everything there. I purchased In Clarity # 3 by  Organes Variables. Film negatives were used to create some beautiful pieces of art in one long stream. He had amazing stuff on the table: posters of architectural drawings, a photo of doors…very glad to see a Montreal contingent at the fair.

from local poet Cameron Anstee's Apt. 9 Press, I picked up Conservative Majority by former Ottawan & pal Spencer Gordon & ever generous Cameron offered me a second, Jesslyn Delia Smith's the grass is a yard, now again. all I've done so far is look at the pretty covers.

I have almost all of local author Christian McPherson's prolific oeuvre now, but I had never purchased his short story collection, Six ways to Sunday (Nightwood Editions, 2007). I'm expecting it to be fun & entertaining.

at the Chrysalis Table, a smiling & friendly Kimberly Dawkins was offering poems for a dollar that she would type on her manual typewriter. I picked up the latest issue of the Chrysalis Zine, Issue 4 - Histories. The zine was based in Toronto, but is now in Ottawa with a print magazine that began only last year.

from Grow & Grow, a Toronto micro-press run by JessicaBebenek, who gave a great reading the night before at the pre-fair event, I picked up "Novella: A Short Story" by Kaz Adam Mason with a poetic response by one of the characters, entitled "Until the Morning" by Novella Ebony Danger (authors Jessica Bebenek & Mark Jordan Manner) & Jessica threw in a free blank book.Sunny Outside was here a while back & i picked up a bunch of titles then.

Blank books were all the rage at this year's fair. From Sunny Outside Press of Buffalo, NY, I picked up Bull Shit. & I only paid $5 for it. Two of the Sunny Outsiders, Brian Mihok & Jennie Hoag also gave excellent readings, along with Jessica Bebenek & local poet Rhonda Douglas on Friday night.

Michael E. Casteels of Puddles of Sky Press from Kingston, Ontario was at the fair once again this year. I picked up my complementary copies of Illiterature Issue 3, which contains a visual poetry chapbook of mine entitled "Une Semaine dans la vie de l'alphabet." As usual he had a plethora of wee  & well made chapbooks, including my previous vispo chapbook with PoS (of the body).

from jwcurry's Room 3o2 Books, I picked up three issues of Gronk magazine, edited by David UU. I'm not really a collector of anything, but I do have  a wee bit of David UU's work & am always in the market for more, when I have the dough.

thanks to organizer rob mclennan for organizing another fine fair. it was great to chat with small press enthusiasts & meet new people. thanks to everyone who stopped by the Bywords/AngelHousePress table…see you in the spring. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

OGG: Confessions

the topic this fortnight on Oh Get A Grip is "Confessions." in my entry, i talk about the fun i've had with lapsed Catholics, lust: one of the seven capital sins & how a heretic like me is driven to write about the taboo nature of sex & desire. Read it here.

What do you want to confess or have you confessed & how did that go? Comment over at the OGG blog.