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amongst books

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Oulipost #13: Epithalamium

Oulipost #13: Epithalamium
Tom Walmsley, Amanda Earl, Charles Earl

a heart wore a nod
a where can now
and health we need
on entry the at has a nose,
the land swore
more necessary than more control
the same we heard
and teamed to demand
more than sewers

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An Oulipian epithalamium, or marriage song, is one composed exclusively with the letters of the names of bride and groom (bride and bride, groom and groom, etc). Visit the engagement or wedding announcements section of your newspaper and select a couple. Write a poem using only words that can be made with the letters in their name. You may choose to use first names only if you prefer anonymity or full names if you’re desperate for more letters.

The Sunday Ottawa Sun e-dition doesn’t have a Classifieds section, nor a Weddings/Engagement section, so I chose to use my own name plus the names of the loves of my life. Quelle Scandale. I think I’m channeling e.e.cummings in this poem. Thanks to Doug Luman once more for his fabulous Oulipian tools.
The poem I wish I'd written for his occasion is this one .

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