amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Oulipost # 16: Chimera

Balls are patient, artistic, and large.
It’s a great way, declining from the panthers
that spoke us the Tuesday.

But it says also a great panther,
anxiously asked by the high innovative lottery
and odds who don’t withhold their sabres
— or don’t impress each other’s chances.

Many places have seemingly said
what is long had by numbers
who identify their trades back:

oilers targetted from the innovative June
to the community philadelphias
comment the outreach worst. Fact.

There are at least fulllength times
to swipe Handel oilers,
“scientifically refused” or otherwise.

First, you can comment that there arguments
no philadelphia behind the tasty time.

The oiler with this NHL
cites that someone’s always ready
to say the only pick of five
to be studied right in your season,
holding it look first than it actually given:

maybe it falls the new flame
who should have been a four once
and is musical to do about the islanders
as though it issues the sabres,

or perhaps the great pick
with a major 2015 of trade
about easy trade whose very season
announce a rare defenceman.


Main text: Gormley, Shannon. “Politics for Millennials.” The Ottawa Citizen. 16 April 2014. A11.

Nouns: Matheson, Jim. With Files From The Canadian Presspostmedia News. “Panthers pounce on top pick. Ibid. C6.

Verbs: Fekete, Jason. “CRA offers no comment on breach.” Ibid. A4.

Adjectives: Robb, Peter. “From Bach to tango and back.” Ibid. B7


The chimera of Homeric legend – lion’s head, goat’s body, treacherous serpent’s tail – has a less forbidding Oulipian counterpart. It is engendered as follows. Having chosen a newspaper article or other text for treatment, remove its nouns, verbs and adjectives. Replace the nouns with those taken in order from a different work, the verbs with those from a second work, the adjectives with those from a third.

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