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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Oulipost # 8: Beautiful In Law (Beau Présent)

Geography as Vengeful Deity

(Joel Plaskett)

Look, sales as a joke
Lakes as a loss, a solo sea
People speak, sell all, appeal a pool, pose less
Peak, Seek all


Langston, Patrick. “Producing The Goods: Maritime master finds inspiration in helping others record.” The Ottawa Citizen. 8 April 2014.C6.

Kielburger, Craig and Marc. “Fish in troubled waters: Canadians urged to go sustainable at seafood counter.” Ibid. C7.

BLOOMBERG NEWS.  “Humans replace robots to fine-tune Toyota.” Ibid. D2.
Geist, Michael.  “Digital Canada 150.” Ibid. D1.

Wyat, Nelson. THE CANADIAN PRESS. “Meet Quebec’s new Liberal premier.” Ibid. A1.

Sibley, Robert. “A Liberal Landslide.” Ibid. A1.

Molnar, Adam. “Canada needs privacy rules for drones.” Ibid. A10.

Crowley , Peter.  “The world is on the brink of polio eradication.” Ibid.A11.

PROMPT: Beautiful In Law (Beau Présent)

Select a name from one of your newspaper articles, famous or not. Compose a poem using only words that can be made from the letters in that person’s name. For example, if you selected “John Travolta,” you may only use words that can be made from the letters A, J, H, L, N, O, R, T and V.
The use of web-based tools is highly encouraged to help uncover different words that can be made from your letters of choice. One tool you might consider is the Scrabble Word Finder


Joel                solo           a    also a                 as               Joel                                                                                Also,     a    less      a     people        a   As a      a                          else?”    a                a                          a    a                         20   so         a                    a                   a                          so            as  as      a          so       a                                                      a            —           a                                             so    as a joke.                                a                       people                     a    people —       a
all                     a                                 as                 a           loss          as  as              Lakes,                      85                a             sea   a                                         1992,  30,000 people                                  — 85             —                                              A                                                   200                 all                     $3.5       2012                               people    300                               2012,              80   also        sea               as “a            a                    a                         appeal                  also look                        se,                  —    3,100  —
a                                    —    —      as a                                a                  a                      a                                          so                     people    a    as                                           a                     57,                     a              a                                  13             so                                                    sales                  as    0.6    5,758  ($61.28)          1.6             10        as                     30    also                                             100                                                                              96             10                                                      65,            — 760      96             —                                                             65,                                                                      a                  a
a                   150.                                150                           as                     a                     — all     —      150                          as a                                                                                                  as a        150        a                                                       150.       — 98      5  —                                          a                     a          sell  a                                         150  also                                         150  a                         as a           a      so                  a                                        a           a
1995                         as                          as                  as          as a              also                           a                      a        a               a       as              as               also                 speaks         a              also a                      2003    as                     as a       as a           2008.   a      a       also                                                             56,          as  as           a
—       —   As              a     a       less                as      a               polls           a                         all,     a   ...      a         a    19                                  a                    70   125   —           a       a    30         22.            All                5     — less       —    54    49,     18,          a                                  —      —            a     polls           —                        —    as                     as         polls   so                            a      a     all                   also                                  —        a  —                 a              pool                         a                                 so  as                          so      a                80          10                  —       as   less                           a    a
a                                           a      as                    as     as  as                                                           seek                                                             also  a     a                                                      34  52                                                                                      a                                                          pose less  a         as              as                a                                                a                            also                              a            As                                                                     a                                                               a                                                        All
—      people      —        1949,                       275 people            50      12          A              a peak  76,000           1955,          1991.         a                              so                                                                                       a     a                        30          99     350,000     300.     —    200,000                    —     also                                                                                                   as  as                                         also             all        A              a           2018.         a                 all.                                                         a


Title comes from a headline from one of the articles I didn’t use.
I’ve always been a fan of anagramming. I felt a bit overwhelmed by this challenge. Thankfully Doug Luman’s Beau Present tool came to my rescue. I had to use multiple articles to find words; however, by the time I got to the sixth article or so, most of the words were repeats of what I already had.

The results remind me of tongue twisters.

I apologize to Joel Plaskett for associating him with a vengeful deity.


Listen to the music of Joel Plaskett, especially “Love ThisTown.”  

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beth said...

"pose less / Peak, Seek all"
Nice work!

Unknown said...

Oh, wow - you really went to the grindstone on this! I like the outcome; the third line is great.

Amanda Earl said...

thanks to both of you for commenting & your kind words.