amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The Other, Play and the Duende: my poetic obsessions published in 17 Seconds

Last year, rob mclennan kindly invited me to write a talk for the Factory Reading Series VERSeFest fundraiser to take place in November.I took about three months in the late summer, early autumn to give myself the luxury of steeping in poetry. I had the pleasure & honour of being included with David O'Meara & Brecken Hancock, two poets who I admire greatly. The evening was well attended & I enjoyed being part of it.

My talk, along with David's & Brecken's, is now published in Seventeen Seconds, a magazine curated by rob mclennan & designed by Monique Desnoyers.

i thank them for including my work & making it look pretty. i hope you take a look at this magazine. it's full of interesting poetry & articles on poetry.

i would be interested to hear any comments you have on the talk.

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