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amongst books

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ruth Stone - In the Next Galaxy

Ruth Stone – In the Next Galaxy
Copper Canyon Press, 2002

if you feel like reading
contemplative poetry.
perhaps you have just
returned from an early
morning blood test.
after your 12-hour fast
you drink glass after
glass of water to make up
for your thin veins, your
thin skin. there is someone
you should read, a woman,
Ruth Stone. her book,
In the Next Galaxy, is dog-
eared. if you want close observation,
poetry that listens, expressions
you haven’t heard of before that
make sense in way that makes it
seem as if the author is having a
private conversation with you.
she is the second Stone poet, the
first is Anne Stone, except that Anne
is described as a novelist, but they share
similar tones from what I remember, the
tone of silence & of space between thoughts
something that I always need but especially
in the summer. not all subjects are easy,
comforting. “every death breaks you apart”
writes R. Stone. in “Shapes.”

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