amongst books

amongst books

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Being bad ass over at is a fabulous site that offers detailed coverage of Ottawa’s thriving cultural scene. As part of that coverage, one of its writers, Catherine Brunelle, has been doing a series entitled “Tour de Blogosphere: A Special Guide to Ottawa’s Literary Blogs.

Part 1 features rob mclennan & his substantial literary activities.
Part 2 features several literary bloggers, including Cameron Anstee & the author of the series, Catherine Brunelle, who, it turns out has her own blog called Write Along Radio, which includes a writers’ podcast.

Part 3 features me. The article is a detailed look at my various literary activities on line from to AngelHousePress & DevilHouse. When Catherine asked me why I blogged, I answered that I blogged about my interests and my values because I’m always looking for kindred spirits, those who share my interests or can enlarge them, and those who share my values.

I’ve been blogging since 2003. I highly recommend it for those who want to express themselves, would like some unofficial means of doing so. Or as I say in the interview with Catherine,

“I love that it is no longer necessary to be published by big media in order to have a voice.  … Blogs are a way of pushing your nose in when you aren’t invited to the party.”


Catherine said...

Just caught this, Amanda. Thanks for spreading word about the series. Bad ass is right - your interview was great.

Amanda Earl said...

thanks, Catherine. it takes one bad ass to know another :)