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amongst books

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Daniel Allen Cox - Mouthquake (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2015)

[reposted from my Goodreads note]

another marvelous work by one of my favourite contemporary writers & a dear friend. elements of fairy tale, fable. a series of moments in the life of a boy who stutters & encounters various kindreds in Montreal. somehow evocative to me of Marie-Claire Blais' La Belle BĂȘte. poetic. insightful. how language distorts, the difficulty of expression. provocative & sensual. delightfully humorous. a character with an on going story. i hope we see him again.

part of the ongoing narrative of dystopian Montreal from contemporary writers. heads up: i'm going to be writing about Heather O'Neill's Daydream of Angels soon.

this is also a good time to re-mention that my reading with Daniel, Marcus McCann & Billeh Nickerson at Venus Envy last September was a highlight of the year. 

more information about "Mouthquake" here & here

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