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amongst books

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

David Constantine - In Another Country (Biblioasis, 2015)

David Constantine is an expert in precision: precision in language, in image and in character. His story "The Necessary Strength" illustrates vulnerability better than anything i've ever read, and it brought me to tears. At the same time, there is a dream-like quality to these stories, and there is wonder: he offers the reader a dictionary of light, a field guide to the sea and the lost map of human nature. I worry that this will sound hyperbolic, but I don't remember ever relating to or empathizing with characters as much as i do through these stories. The protagonists or the subjects of the stories are often broken and they know it. Or they are attempting to heal. this was my introduction to Mr. Constantine's writing. I will seek out more of it, especially his poetry. This work is, above all, a work of poetry. (reposted from my GoodReads review).

Thanks to the Ottawa International Writers Festival for inviting David to read at the fall edition. 

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