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amongst books

Friday, December 18, 2015

Heather O'Neill - Daydreams of Angels (Harper Collins, 2015)

i loved this short story collection. the author gives us fairy tales & fables which manage to convey grief, hope, loss, love. they are absurd, highly imaginative & humorous stories that complement her novels quite well. there are stories within stories told by parents and grandparents to children. there are talking bears, misbehaving angels, cloned ballet dancers, soldiers with clockwork hearts. they are both fanciful and at times political, but they are always entertaining. reading these stories was pure joy.

it's good to see contemporary writers taking on the fairy tale again. i'm thinking also of Helen Oyeyemi (Boy Snow Bird, Mr. Fox, etc), Barry Webster's the Lava in My Bones & in the last century, Angela Carter's the Bloody Chamber.

i highly recommend this collection to all readers. they will remind you of the joy of reading you discovered as a child.

If Angela Carter & Kurt Vonnegut had a daughter, she would be Heather O'Neill.

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