amongst books

amongst books

Friday, March 18, 2016

until even now: a videopoem

in 2010, when i was still recovering from my health crisis of 2009 and awaiting a surgery that would take place in early 2011, Chris Turnbull invited me to take part in a project she had initiated, entitled rout/e, which Chris refers to as a footpress.

She invited me to send her a poem that would then be installed in the great outdoors and monitored over time to see how time weathers poetry, i guess you could say.  Like me, Chris is an avid walker. She says that she thinks best while moving. I am the same. At the time that she invited me, I was still not fully mobile, counting my steps and my breaths. The idea that a poem of mine would find its way into nature and be outside awaiting discovery by those who happened upon it whilst walking was wondrous and heartening for me.  It was a lovely project and I was happy to take part.

then this year, or it could have been toward the end of 2015, she approached me again, this time to allow her to play with my poem to create a video. i have never worked on such a project with anyone before. it was fascinating to me, made me think of the whole creation process of poetry in a different light. some day i would like to do this a different way, respond to a series of collaged videod images in the form of a poem, or perhaps even a song.

please enjoy this video, lovingly and carefully created by the talented Chris Turnbull. i thank her for her patience and skill. i enjoyed being part of it. take a look at the two other videos as well, an homage to Jamie Reid and Chris' own untitled piece from "o w n," a collaborative book she created with arawlings and Heather Hermant (Cue Books, 2015).

please also read her essay on the rout/e project on the AngelHousePress site.

Chris Turnbull lives near Ottawa, Ontario. She is published in o w n (CUE Books 2014), alongside work by arawlings and Heather Hermant. Her visual and multi-voice book continua was published by Chaudiere Books in 2015. Thuja Press published her chapbook Shingles in 2001; above/ground press published a selection of continua in 2010. Her work can be found online in (parenthetical), ottawa poetry newsletter, Spiral Orb, ditch, The Volta, Dusie 10, and ottawater, among others. She has a chapbook, Candid, forthcoming through Dusie Kollectiv 8, and additional work through Stroboscope, Nerve Lantern, and Touch the Donkey.

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