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Monday, April 18, 2016

Impromptu 18: The Epic of Nerlz, Last City of Elogia

Amaranth Borsuk’s gave us three assists to use erasure as a jumping off point to create a poem, rather than the final poem. The first, the dictionary assist, asks us to pick a word that vexes us, find its Indo-European root and write all of its language, including synonyms etc, with the hopes that it would be the starting point of a poem. I admit that this flummoxed me all day, picking at my brain for a way to make this my own. The way I made it my own was simply to invent a word.

offnerlz  adj.

1.  a feeling of discomfort (Indo-Elogian root: nerlz; from the planet Elogia in the Quirkan Galaxy); 2. to be homesick; 3. to be estranged; 4. to be uprooted.
synonyms: upsetting, off key, painstruck, lonely, alienated.
antonyms: comfortable; in one’s place; at ease.

Nerlz n.

1. a city in Elogia that serves as an outpost for travellers and migrants; the sole-surviving city of Elogia, the bulk of which was destroyed when its two suns collided in the Great Battle of Solenia in 2305, burning all of the planet but Nerlz;
2. fragment or remainder;
3. secret;
4. refuge;
5. last chance.

The Epic of Nerlz, Last City of Elogia

Twas the year 2305
after the great battle
of Solenia when our
two suns collided &
all who remained
were the artists, bards &
balladeers, their
children, the children
of their children & the
children of their children’s
children, you see Elogians
lived for a long time until
the Sun & the Sun one eon
crashed & the sound was
the most beautiful music
ever heard so that the harpist
blind & weakfingered with age
plucked a tremulous echo
of the sound that she heard
& taught her children & her
children’s children & the children
of her children’s children to
play the sound that destroyed
the rest of the planet called Elogia,
Oh Elogia, the balladeers wrote
words for the harpists rendering
of the sound that was made by
the collision of two solar powers,
it was a ballad that articulated
the loneliness felt by survivors,
every one of their glistening golden
tears caught & used as ink by the
song writers. spilling forth as music
melancholy & jubilant
& the painters tried to paint
the colour, a most unusual
colour that sparked from the
thrash of light against light
they crushed the purple insects
of the sea against crimson rocks
& added woad & droplets of sweat
from the foreheads of all the remaining
Elogians & in the churches the Nerlz-folk
chanted in their solar-crash robes in the
dark for there was no more sunlight
only the hope brought by those who
came to the remaining city of Elogia
looking for a home


Thanks to Amaranth Borsuk for this prompt, which I had fun with.

Play along!

For those of you who are just joining us, 
The Found Poetry Review is celebrating National Poetry Month by offering daily experimental writing prompts from writers. I will be responding to them at poetic whim.

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