amongst books

amongst books

Friday, May 13, 2016

Update – near summer 2016

Now that my season of readings seems to be over for the nonce, I’m focusing on the following WIPs:

1. a new poetry series which uses the language & imagery of the poetry of Plath, Sexton & MacEwen to write about the onset of menopause & all the fun that entails;
2. a poetry series about  my 2009 health crisis;
3. a linked collection of short stories set in an apartment building;
4. a linked collection of fairy tales inspired by art & colour;
5. The Vispo Bible: working on Exodus & Revelation.

& reading books for above projects, with a detour into Virginia Woolf’s novels this summer, starting with  her first, “The Voyage Out”.

I’ll keep you posted on publications if & when they appear…

the above work entails a lot of hermitting, but I’ll try to make it out to a few readings when I’m in the right frame of minde. writing is a solitary business, but I can often be Bar Robo, my new darling neighbourhood café, or on my favouite bench in Dundonald Park, sky watching. 

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