amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tree Reading Series Workshop by yrs truly ce soir (Tuesday, September 13, 2016)

6:45pm, Gallery 101, 51 B Young Street

In this workshop we will read a poem aloud & explore its non-semantic attributes to glean elements that resonate in order to write poems in response or simply to appreciate it. Too often in poetry, readers are focused solely on semantic surface meaning rather than considering other elements that make up a poem’s music and mood. Let’s see what happens when we focus on sound, shape (including line break, punctuation, line length), symbol (including imagery, free association with Jungian archetypes, mythology). Each participant will write something (a line, a poem, an image) inspired by the source poem and will share the results with the group.

We're going to be looking at Gwendolyn MacEwen's "The Red Bird You Wait For."

In the documentary, the Shadow Maker, the Life and Times of Gwendolyn MacEwen, her editor, writer Barry Callaghan says that people often dismissed MacEwen’s poetry because they didn’t understand the music of her lines or the music of the silence between her lines. 

I think it will be a fun & lively hour. Hope to see you there.

The main event, of course, is the 1st Tree Reading of the season featuring Jessica Moore & Margaret Christakos. Open mic begins at 8pm & features begin sometime around 8:30ish, me thinks.

Note that Tree is at a new venue now. If you're a bus rider/pedestrian like me, i highly recommend taking the 85, getting off at Beech, walking the coupla minute walk down Railroad which leads to Young. Gallery 101 is in a warehouse. Or you can always walk up Preston.

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