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amongst books

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

One Thing Too: Devon Balwit

I want to send you an image from one of my favorite artists, Ivan Albright.  As a teenager, his work fascinated me (and it continues to do so and to inspire many ekphrastic poems).  I was captivated by how his surfaces were roiling and bubbling, splitting and blistering.  Much was going on unseen (just as it was within me then and still is now).  I was taken by the fact that he spent years, even a decade, on a single work.  That spoke to an obsessiveness and a fierce fidelity to his own vision that I hoped to find within me as well as I undertook my own creative tasks.  Also, many people find his works repellent as his humans and the worlds they inhabit look wrecked or diseased.  In contrast, I took (and take) comfort from this.  It is from our wreckage that we create.  It is from disease that we heal (or die and change).

This painting, "That Which I Should Have Done I Did Not Do (The Door)" was the one that took him a decade to paint.  It hangs in the Chicago Museum of Art.  It is worthy of a pilgrimage. 

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