amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

One Thing Too: Margaret Saine


let the daylight fade
and night fall: I want to be part
of your dreaming

when the ocean roars
and hills echo with murmurs
we shall move closer

flying through the night
a moth makes the air tremble
our dreams start rustling

from a darkened world
we quickly cross the threshold
to hold and cherish

I spread out my dreams
at your feet, open my heart
to your tender sighs                   

in the sheets of night
your bold body appears dressed
only in my gaze

bodies surrounded
by air in a naked space
open to the skies

the burden of words
our rosary of poems
holds joy and sorrow    

in the night’s embrace
unison bodies inflame
hearts nude to the touch

your invitation:
tell me or show me one thing. it doesn’t have to be profound. it could be visual or written or a combo of both.  it could be about your work; it could be an artefact or a glitch, a link to some film or tv show you’ve watched or a coffee place you like. it could be short or long. i’ll post it along with a link of your choice to your work or somewhere else. disclaimer: i might choose not to post if it doesn’t suit me.
your reward? send me your mailing address & i’ll send you something whimsical…
it’s dark out there this summer  fall/winter [since the election of that motherfucker in the USA etc] ; i think we need an injection of whimsy / duende.
so fire away. svp. amanda at angelhousepress dot com

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