amongst books

amongst books

Friday, December 02, 2016

Desperately Seeking Pen Pals

Dear Readers,

Would you be my pen pal? I propose an exchange in the mail of letters (handwritten or not, but mine shall be made on the computer because my handwriting is illegible, even to me).
If interested, please send me an e-mail with your mailing address & I will acknowledge then send you a letter. my email is amanda at amandaearl dot com.

These letters can include anything that can be sent in the mail that you can dream up & would like to send, but shouldn’t cost you a fortune. I want personal and ongoing correspondence between kindreds. I want the intimacy of letters transported from your home to mine, crossing oceans or travelling along bumpy roads to reach us.

I recently wrote a rant on my Polymumbles feature on my Tumblr blog about the lost art of communication. How few of my friends or other people I know return e-mails, text me or communicate with me in any way except for emojis and hearts on social media. At least that’s something.

But the world feels cold to me & lonely. This lack of human interaction is making things worse for me & I suspect for others. I see people occasionally at poetry readings or other events, but we barely talk to one another because too much is going on. I want a quiet moment of contemplation with your words, pictures, mix tapes or anything else you care to exchange.

You can be a stranger to me, a friend, a former lover, a current lover. You can be local or far away. On this planet or another. Whoever you are, what matters most to me is that we have an interesting exchange of words that helps us to feel less lonely on this fucked up little planet.  

I expect the correspondence to be sporadic, rather than regular. No commitments to anything. I don’t like that myself. Just occasional surprises in the mail.

I don’t know if anyone will respond to this at all or if a bunch of people will. I will answer your letters if you send them to me.

Are you a fan of the Griffin and Sabine trilogy of books? If you are, you would make a great pen pal. The rest, I’ll leave us to discover.

your fellow weirdo,

Amanda Earl, lonely but still trying to reach out…

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