amongst books

amongst books

Thursday, December 15, 2016

imaginary? patreon-like request for support in exchange for goodies

“I can draw and write, and you'd be foolish not to hire me.”
--Djuna Barnes

i think it’s great that some of my creative friends are offering their work via patreon, but i took a look at the community guidelines & realized that my own dream of doing it might not be possible. i have some tweets in to patreon to verify…but I’ve always been an odd creature who doesn’t fit into conventional spaces very well..

the guidelines are unclear when it comes to fiction or creative work. it may be that fantasy of any kind facilitates or contributes to harmful activity. some have made a case for that. i am of the belief that one shouldn’t take things literally or should allow creative work to cause a person to think. as far as glorification of rape or violence goes, as far as i know, i’ve never written anything that has done so, but what if i have a character who is a rapist? who is to judge whether or not this character’s portrayal glorifies rape? do i want patreon to judge that for me? no, i don’t. in fact, i don’t think it’s any of their business, but hey, they’re offering this service for free (at least it seems free from what i’ve read, so it’s their decision). i can’t be part of attempts at censorship of any kind. I doubt I would be able to fit into their mould. I have seen that some people are creating NSFW erotica on patreon, but I’m not sure I could commit to the guidelines.

here’s what i’d offer if i could, knowing that it is unlikely that anyone would partake anyway, let’s dream.

any support goes to my general comfort, upkeep, tea & shenanigans that help me to conjure up strange wonders. there are better ways to spend your money. give to the food bank, help the homeless, cure cancer, etc. but if you have some funds for an artist & you like what I do, this is what I can image as an offering for you, darling potential or imaginary patron of the arts. so sit back in your leather chair, sip your scotch & dream with me…

Level 1: The Go Wilde Volptuary: $100 / month ($1200 annually)

4 e-mails a month containing:

1. a lascivious short story which could be kinky, taboo, romantic or zany as hell; either unpublished, published but revised, or new;

2.  poetry, either unpublished, published in a limited edition, revised or new;

3. a steamy confessional note detailing my latest sexual activities or thoughts on sex.

& that’s not all! . . .

4.once a year per investor editing consulting service of a short story  or novel manuscript of no more than 2,000 words or five pages of poetry;

5. any books or chapbooks of mine that are published during your investment period mailed to you;

6. a signed copy of Kiki mailed to you upon first payment.

7. four visual poems on lovely paper, mailed to you on the spring & autumn equinoces & the summer & winter solstices.

Level 2: The Kiki Folle Hedonist: $40 / month ($480 annually)

1. 2 e-mails a month containing a visual poem & new or revised poems;

2. a signed copy of Kiki upon first payment;

3. copies of previously published chapbooks (while supplies last);

4. new chapbooks published during your investment period.

5. a random surprise in the mail: could be anything from a chapbook to a visual poem to a music mix, a custom hand-crafted collage, a personal letter…the possibilities are limitless.

Level 3: The Duchamp Readymade: $20/ month ($240 annually)

1. One e-mail a month containing new or revised poems;

2. a visual poem on lovely paper mailed once on the solistice & equinox.

3.  one new chapbook a year either self-published or something that comes out with a publisher (while supplies last!);

4. a signed copy of Kiki upon first payment.

Level 4:  The Edith Sitwell Eccentric $10 / a month ($120 annually)

1. 6 random surprises in the mail: could be anything from a chapbook to a visual poem to a music mix, a custom hand-crafted collage, a personal letter…the possibilities are limitless;

2. a signed copy of Kiki upon first payment.

''I am not eccentric. It’s just that I am more alive than most people. I am an unpopular electric eel set in a pond of goldfish.'' Edith Sitwell

Please note that if anyone should happen to be interested in any of these packages, you are welcome to contact me at amanda at amandaearl dot com to discuss financial arrangements. it’s unlikely though. but hey, why not try?

I can promise you work that is free from censorship, unboundless in imagination & as quirky as its creator. but I can’t promise you safety. I can promise you that anything I write is thoroughly researched to the point of obsession on my part.

Oh that’s’s the holidaze…treat your lovers & pals, why don’t cha?

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