amongst books

amongst books

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Ottawa, April 18, 2020 - no thank you

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I listened to a segment on CBC Radio last week about how people were enjoying a slower pace due to their being able to work from home. Who are these people? Everyone I know is feeling even more pressure. Friends with children who are working from home are now expected to supervise their kids’ online classes while still attending Zoom meetings. Essential workers are extremely busy at their jobs, with the added anxieties of having to hear over and over how the best thing would be if they just stayed home. Folks I know in the arts are being inundated with requests to perform or share their work online via Zoom or whatever.

What’s giving me comfort right now is the newest Ron Sexsmith album, Hermitage, the prospect of cooking meals and snoozing with Charles this weekend with the news off, and less attention to the e-mail and social media demands. I’m also reading Isabel Allende’s the Japanese Lover, which is getting really interesting about 40% in.

This is what I want to do these days: sleep, eat, wank, get a bit of fresh air when I can, read, possibly a bit of writing, listen to music, exercise, spend time with Charles, do stuff related to AngelHousePress, and, exchange e-mails with friends, clean what needs to be cleaned when it needs to be cleaned, get groceries when required, hopefully stay healthy and hope that those I care for stay healthy too. The rest is superfluous.

I think I’ll create an e-mail folder called “later” and put anything in it that I at some point might have to pay attention to. but for now, no thank you.

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