amongst books

amongst books

Friday, May 01, 2020

Ottawa, May 1, 2020 Forbidden Fruit, Pending Green and Pent-up Wild

Yesterday I stayed in. I love a good solid rainy day for whiskying, music-ing and poeming. I’ve been on a Vic Chesnutt kick of late. I can’t remember when I first heard his music. It might have been not long before his death in 2009. There are a few documentaries about him on YouTube. I have several of his albums and have just made a nerdy spreadsheet schedule to buy one a month of the ones I don’t have and can obtain through Bandcamp, ITunes or I feel his music is right for my mood right now, right for the times.

I need music these days, more than ever. For a few days this week, I’ve spent about an hour listening to a new album and writing while it’s playing. It helps me in so many ways to take the time out of social media noise and stupid Covid-19 theories that people share.

Today is my Zoom fitness class, Stretch and Strength for 50+ from Carleton, which will be gruelling. I’ve done it twice now. It’s an hour work out with weights (in my case, cans of beans) and various stretches to help with mobility and flexibility, and strengthen the core.

I will go to Massine’s later than usual because of the timing of the fitness class. I am not fond of having to go later, but I’ll treat it as an experiment, which is the philosophy Charles and I are living by these days.

I think the fact that I can’t meet anyone these days is heightening my libido in a forbidden fruit kind of way. I wonder what will happen when/if the lockdown ever ends. I try not to think about that too much. All my pent up wild released…

I watched the film, Barney’s Version on CBC Gem (free!) and enjoyed it way more than I was expecting. The acting was excellent. It’s based on the book by Mordicai Richler. I never read the book and was bored by Richler long ago, and yet this film really got to me. My emotions are so close to the surface these days.

I’m looking forward to today’s walk to the store. It’s May and the weather is changing. All this rain will lead to more green.

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