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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Ottawa, Tuesday, May 12, 2020 – Waking up to the moon and planets

I’m so hot all the time in the bedroom that we often have the window wide open and the curtains as well so that I can feel the cool air. This morning I was woken by the moon, which was still bright and almost whole. I watched it move to the west and noticed several glittering objects, which I realized later were planets. For the next few days, the waning moon will introduce us to several planets, according to this article. We’re getting closer to Jupiter, Mars and Saturn for a bit. More articulate explanation in the aforementioned article.

As I watched the moon and its cronies move out of my line of vision, I thought about how nothing stays the same forever. I’ve been anxious about my period, which is here again after six months gone. I’ve been anxious about the pandemic, which is here now and will likely be here for a while. 

The thing is…all of this will change. I found comfort in watching the moon, its obnoxiously bright belly waking me up at four in the morning. I was glad to see it, but I was also glad when Charles shut the curtains, just before it went westward and out of my sight, so that I could get another hour’s sleep or so. 

The point is that things will be the way they are now possibly for a while, but eventually things change. The planets move further away from us, the moon won't always be the sun’s bright opposite.

Anyway, it gave me comfort to see the moon and the planets, then see them leave. Perhaps this is an odd reaction to the moon, but it’s my reaction at this difficult time.

I hope you are coping. If you have coping strategies, please share them. I’m off to do the dishes and make tomorrow’s coffee.

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