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amongst books

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Ottawa, July 30, 2020 Sunsets, yearning and the Rapture

I went outside my apartment building for the first time since July 15, just before sunset tonight. I walked from my place near Chinatown over to the Byward Market through Sparks. Things have changed in just 15 days. Folks were riding on e-scooters and theses scooters were all over the place, beside my apartment building, on the lawn on another building on Laurier, standing outside the LRT at Parliament and zooming along Sparks. I hadn’t realized this was actually happening. Now it seems they’re everywhere. Future much? People wearing masks on scooters. It gave the atmosphere a strange but amusing vibe.


I walked when it was not very busy out, but Sparks Street had a number of people on patios having drinks or a meal. Instead of feeling the anxiousness of people near me, I felt more of a relaxed mood, a yearning. Summer won’t last forever. I enjoyed the glow of the sun in the puddles after the rain as I wandered. I masked up and walked into Chapters just before it closed, out of curiosity to see what it felt like. It was too hot in the mask to do much browsing and it was fairly empty. Also the bathrooms were closed, which is the reason to go there in the first place.

I took the LRT back from the Rideau Station after walking past various people in the pedestrian areas, some little kids with lots of energy and young couples trying to be romantic with masks on. I suspect there were tourists as well.

Rideau Street is torn up for construction, yet again. I am not surprised that this was the last straw after Covid-19, the sinkhole and the LRT build for many Byward Market businesses. The Highlander Pub is gone. We used to go there post Bywords Quarterly Journal readings at Chapters back in the day. 

 I kept my mask on after Chapters and back to Rideau Station and into the LRT which was near empty at 8pm. The westbound LRT to Tunney’s Pasture was close to empty too. I felt like I was in one of those movies about Revelation when the good folks are taken to heaven and only us rotters are left. The Rapture means no more cafes left and you have to wear a mask if you didn’t get taken. Yes, I too enjoyed that show, the Leftovers.


Here is Take on Me, a cover by the all girl French Horn band Ghengis Barbie from Season 3.


The mask (designed by Lucky Little Queer) reads “I am full of anxiety” and yeah, I am, but you know, I have a little bit of hope. I think it was because of the yearning.

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