amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

getting the details right - a handy primer Amanda not Angela, Earl, not Earle etc

 i just thought i'd do a roundup of stuff relating to me and to my activities as a publisher. i won't freak out if you get this stuff wrong, but here's a handy primer for those who might find it helpful.

it's Amanda, not Angela.

it's Earl, not Earle.

although i'm thinking of an alter ego named Angela Earle ;)

unless you are putting everyone else's name in lowercase, my name is not lowercased: Amanda Earl.

it's not Bywords or Bywords magazine or Bywords x or y, it's (Month, Year).

we ran a monthly poetry magazine from 2003 to 2013 called the Bywords Quarterly Journal (BQJ). if you are published in that you would write Bywords Quarterly Journal (month, year). 

it's AngelHousePress (one word)

it's Experiment-O Issue plus number (AngelHousePress, year)

it's (AngelHousePress, year)

if you have an essay published online in the essay series it's published by AngelHousePress (month, year).

AngelHousePress chapbooks are published by AngelHousePress (year)

DevilHouse (also one word) was a prose imprint of AngelHousePress. Chapbooks published should be credited as published by DevilHouse (year).

i make all kinds of terrible typos and spelling errors for people's names etc. i wish i didn't. as i'm ageing this is happening increasingly. i don't fault anyone for making errors/typos. but i'm sharing this now, so that i can point it out if asked.

my pronouns are she/her.

i'm a cis-gendered pansexual polyamorous woman.

i'm a romantic non-monogamous slut.

i'm a feminist who is against fascism, racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia.

i'm married to Charles Earl (18 happy years and counting). we are in an open relationship.

i almost died in 2009. i am grateful to be alive.

i write poetry, visual poetry and prose (both fiction and nonfiction).

i am the managing editor of and the (fallen) angel of AngelHousePress. 

I host an art and literature podcast called the Small Machine Talks. 

Links to all my stuff

i hope you are coping somehow. 

what can i do to help you when i'm capable? 

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